Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the United States. It presently costs this country an estimated $900 billion each year, and this figure continues to grow. Most of this cost is paid through insurance plans which cover most of the charges for care provided. Doctors and other healthcare providers routinely wait several months for payment on insurance claims submitted for services they have provided. As a result, some providers are often forced to borrow funds at high interest rates to cover monthly operating costs. Clerical personnel are spending valuable time generating medical claims when they could be completing more productive work. Also, cash flow to medical practices is slow and unpredictable. The insurance industry reports that 30% of paper claims are rejected, suspended or are never even processed. It's costly and time consuming to track, research and resubmit these claims, ultimately resulting in less income being collected. These errors can be eliminated with trained assistance in medical billing.

With Accelerated Claims Management the rejection rate is reduced to less than two percent. That's where Accelerated Claims Management comes in, we know your time is valuable, just sit back and enjoy the convenience.

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